Thursday, November 18, 2010

Your suggestions invited

oday I had a dream, which I am unable to answer to that little girl question.

here was a little girl who obeyed her mother's words and went to waste dump yard and throwing her few hours born sister.

I passed on the way and shouting little girl - do not do this job. Her face set on fire and telling me I have no right to interrupt the job she is doing as per her mother's order.

I came closely to the little girl and she flared at me and saying O' young have plenty of money, food and shelter. why not you take my new born sister with you and adopt her.

I remain silent and seeking suggestions from viewers of this blog.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As we clean our teeth everyday
As we clean our body everyday
As we clean our mind everyday

we are precious like diamonds for this world !
GOD loves our diamond mind to wear as jewel

Lets do the above first three lines everyday
Let us re-join our lover who is waiting for us....

Como nosotros limpiamos nuestros dientes diarios
Como nosotros limpiamos nuestro cuerpo diario
Como limpiamos nuestra mente diaria

Somos preciosos como los diamantes para este mundo!
DIOS ama nuestra mente del diamante para usar como joya

Deja hacen las primeras tres líneas antedichas diarias
Déjenos re-join nuestro amante que nos esté esperando.